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Spy Verity is the best spy app for WhatsApp monitoring. Thanks to our application you can view all messages sent and received with the best known and most frequently used messaging application around. Spy Verity is the only WhatsApp spying application capable of performing complete monitoring without the need of rooting the device. Thanks to Spy Verity you can know the content of all WhatsApp messages and their senders or recipients. In addition, Spy Verity can also store all pictures sent and received with WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp monitoring function will allow you to:

View all messages sent and received with WhatsApp

View sender or recipient details

View date and time details for sent or received WhatsApp messages

No root permissions required to spy on WhatsApp

Why is the WhatsApp monitoring useful?


Being able to monitor all messages sent and received via WhatsApp can be essential for the protection and safeguarding of your loved ones.

Thanks to Spy Verity you can monitor all messages sent and received with WhatsApp, so that for example you can help your children in cases of bullying, blue whale challenges, threats or stalking.

Being able to know the content of these messages and with whom they are being exchanged is a crucial function for a Parental Control app such as Spy Verity.

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How to spy on WhatsApp with Spy Verity

In order to perform WhatsApp monitoring, once Spy Verity is installed on the device, simply enter the personal dashboard and access the "WhatsApp" section. Here you will see all messages sent and received with all details relating to contact, date and time. Furthermore, you can also filter all messages by selecting your date of interest through the calendar. Spy Verity monitors and stores all messages sent and received with WhatsApp even if chats are immediately deleted. Our Spy App is by far the most advanced for monitoring WhatsApp. If you need to monitor the device, but most importantly, you don't want to root it, we recommend you to exclusively rely on a serious and reliable application such as Spy Verity. Within the WhatsApp reports you will also be able to view any sent or received multimedia items, or view the report if a VoIP call has been made to a specific contact. For some phone models, VoIP calls audio recording is also available via the mobile phone microphone (this function cannot be guaranteed as it varies according to phone model and type of firmware installed).


The only Spy App capable of offering complete WhatsApp monitoring without root permissions !

Spy Verity is the only Spy App currently on the market capable of offering complete WhatsApp monitoring without the need of rooting the device. It is true that it's possible to find other Spy Apps capable of spying on WhatsApp without rooting permissions, but we invite you to inform yourself thoroughly or to read the reviews of our many competitors on our website. Indeed, Spy Verity is the only Spy Application capable of monitoring all messages sent and received without need for rooting, even if the message's preview is not displayed in the status bar. It is true that some apps manage to monitor WhatsApp without rooting permissions need, but alas, they can only intercept messages previewed in the status bar. Now imagine that the user has WhatsApp opened and is messaging; with WhatsApp open, in the status bar there won't be all messages received, and you wouldn't be able to read them. By using Spy Verity instead, you will have complete monitoring of all incoming and outgoing messages.


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Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp remotely?

In order to monitor WhatsApp remotely, it is first of all necessary to install a spy application such as Spy Verity, as it's the only possible way to monitor activities carried out with WhatsApp. In order to install Spy Verity you need to have physical access to the device. By searching on Google you will find thousands and thousands of videos, articles and websites illustrating applications capable of remotely spying on WhatsApp without installing anything, but all of them are just scams!!! Most of these apps are actually fake ones only needed for making you click on some advertising banners and make some money for the person who published them!!! Beware of all these applications where you are told to just enter the phone number on which you want remote WhatsApp monitoring performed.


Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp only through a phone number?

The answer is definitely, decidedly, NO. Nobody can spy on WhatsApp via mobile number. We repeat once again that the only way to monitor WhatsApp is to install a Parental Control Spy App. Steer away from all those advertising or offering you through their website chat the possibility of installing the spy application remotely via mobile number. We're of the fact that many companies require large payments (1500-1700 dollars) in advance with the promise of being able to spy on any phone only via a phone number. We invite you to pay close attention, because they will always be nothing but a mere scam!!!


Is it possible to remotely install the spy application by sending an attachment to the phone to be monitored?

Another widespread scam oftentimes implemented by some companies consists in offering purchase of the WhatsApp spy software by promising to be able to hide its installation in an attachment file. There is no spy application capable of self-installing in the device to be monitored, so also in this case, we are just dealing with scammers.


Are there any free applications for spying on WhatsApp?

There are some applications advertising themselves as capable of spying on WhatsApp for free, and yet they actually only allow you to know when a contact is online. There are no spy applications capable of monitoring WhatsApp for free. Before thinking that a free spy application may exist, please do consider some factors: a company offering a Parental Control application such as Spy Verity has costs to bear, such as: data storage servers for the data monitored by the application and displayed in the user dashboard, constant servers maintenance works, coders wages for the constant updating of the application, technicians fees for both technical and commercial assistance and support, designers costs for updating the user dashboard's graphics, etc. .. After reading only some of the costs that a company has to bear, do you still think it's possible to find a spy application for free?

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