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Let'S Get To Know Spy Verity, The Most Powerful Spy App For Android Phones

Spy Verity is the most powerful and at the same time most user-friendly Spy App available, thanks to which you can effectively have total monitoring of a mobile phone. Spy Verity works exclusively for Android devices, as it has been studied and designed to work with smartphones of any brand as long as with the Android operating system. Spy Verity is definitely the best Spy App for remotely controlling your mobile phone, or for Parental Control purposes. Our developers have enclosed in Spy Verity all currently possible monitoring features, and this is precisely the reason why Spy Verity is at the top of all monitoring apps. Before being added to Spy Verity, all features had to pass through rigorous functional and compatibility tests. Our range of spy features guarantees the customer a complete and reliable monitoring experience. So let's stop wasting our time, let's discover together the most important features of Spy Verity:


Contacts spying

Spy Verity enables you to monitor all contacts stored in the target device. It will be possible to display: Name, Surname, Telephone number, Contact Photos and many other useful information. Learn more about Address Book Monitoring

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Spying on Short Text and Multimedia Messages

Thanks to Spy Verity it is possible to monitor all the short text and multimedia messages sent and received with the monitored phone. It will be possible to view: Contact, Telephone number, Message text. Find out more about SMS monitoring and mms monitoring

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Audio recording of phone calls and call log monitoring

Our spy software allows you to know all calls made and received. You can view: Contact, Date, Duration, Type of calls (made/received), and you can listen to the audio recording. Learn more about Call Log Monitoring, Call Recording, Call Blocking

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GPS satellite tracking

The gps location monitoring function allows you to know the position of the monitored phone in real time. It is also possible to view location history and traveled routes, as well as setting the geofence.

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Live Features

Our Spy App is the only one with real-time Live features. Thanks to this function it is possible to:

  • Snap a photo
  • Live streaming of the camera
  • Live ambient audio listening
  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Live screen streaming
  • Screenshots

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Social Apps Spying

Spy Verity is the only Spy App available on the market capable of monitoring all sent and received WhatsApp messages without need for root permissions.
It is possible to monitor the most popular messaging apps such as: WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, WeChat, Telegram and Instagram.

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Remote control

Spy Verity provides the user with many features for remote control of the device. These features come in a great number, which is why here we'll disclose for you only the most important ones:

  • Remote data connection, Wifi, Bluetooth and Gps activation/deactivation
  • Remote starting of applications
  • Restart of the device
  • Making the phone ring, and many others...

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Phone memory

Spy Verity allows you to remotely browse the monitored phone's memory. Thanks to this function it is possible to view everything stored in the phone's memory. Learn more about phone memory monitoring.

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Keylogger and copied text

Spy Verity has two keylogger modes, the first one is the basic one, capable of monitoring most keys pressed within the Android keyboard. The second mode is the advanced one, thanks to which it is possible to monitor more extensively everything typed from the mobile phone's keyboard. Furthermore, Spy Verity is the only spy app capable of showing you the text that the user will copy with Android's copy function.

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Scheduled environmental recordings

Thanks to Spy Verity you can schedule environmental recordings by setting date and time. In this way our Spy App will automatically carry out the environmental recording, and you can listen to it from your personal panel. We are the only ones capable of carrying out environmental recording even with a device in Stand By mode.

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Thanks to this function you can monitor all photos in the mobile phone. You can check all photos taken even if they are immediately deleted. This is an excellent parental control function.

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Internet and Applications

Spy Verity is the best Parental Control app capable of showing the entire internet history of websites visited by the targeted user. Furthermore, it will also be possible to block certain websites. Our Spy App also allows you to monitor installed apps, view their use duration and possibly block some of them.

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And many other features! Don't waste any more time, choose Spy Verity

We told you about Spy Verity's main features, please try our Spy App in order to find out all monitoring features available. You will quickly realize that you've purchased the TOP of monitoring apps for Android devices.

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