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Do you want to see what's happening live on the phone display? Thanks to the screenshot spying function, you can get Spy Verity to take a picture of the target phone's display and view it directly on your personal dashboard. Thanks to this feature you will get a live overview of what is currently being done with the targeted phone.


Android's live screenshot feature will allow you to:

Android's live screenshot feature will allow you to:

Remotely observe what is being shown on the monitored phone display

Why is the display screenshot feature useful?


Thanks to the spy screenshot feature, you can view and get a very clear idea of what the user is doing with the phone.

The spy screenshot feature is useful for obtaining more information, and for being able to graphically view what is happening.

If you want to use the spy screenshot function, don't hesitate and choose Spy Verity.

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How can I take a display screenshot with Spy Verity?

In order to take a screenshot of the target display, you will need to access your personal dashboard, activate the "Live features" section and press the screenshot button. As soon as Spy Verity receives the command, it will immediately take the screenshot and show it to you directly on your dashboard. It is indeed a rather interesting real time function. Spy Verity was studied and designed to compress the file to the maximum, while maintaining an excellent quality level. This way you will avoid consuming the target phone's internet traffic. If you need to take display screenshots, all you have to do is trust Spy Verity, the best spy app for Android phones.


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