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Spy on phone memory remotely

Monitoring the Sd memory of the mobile phone allows you to remotely view the phone's storage and browse the archive to view any photos, chats, attachments, etc. Mobile phone memory monitoring is an exclusive function of Spy Verity. Thanks to this function you can copy any files present in the SD memory of the mobile phone.


The remote SD memory monitoring function will allow you to:

View the Sd memory file of the phone

Copy the files in the mobile memory

Why is remote phone memory monitoring useful?


The function for monitoring the Sd memory of a mobile phone allows you to remotely browse the archives of the device.

Thanks to this function it is possible to view all the files stored in the SD memory and make a copy of the files you're interested in.

The memory monitoring function is an exclusive function of Spy Verity.

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How to remotely monitor SD memory with Spy Verity?

To be able to spy on mobile phone memory remotely, you must first log into your Personal Dashboard, then simply activate the "Phone memory" section. Doing so will open a window which will allow you to browse the SD memory archive of the targeted mobile phone. It is also possible to copy any files that you deem of interest. Browsing the archive requires a good internet connection in the monitored phone, especially if you want to copy files from the phone. The better the connection quality the better the browsing speed. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to use this function, as they are more compatible and guarantee optimal browsing quality.


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