EULA End User Licence Agreement

Before purchasing or installing the licensed Spy Verity application, you must carefully read this license agreement. By purchasing and using Spy Verity, you fully accept the contents of this agreement. In the event that you do not accept the terms of the license granted by us, you are required to not install and use the Spy Verity Application. If you have already installed the application you are required to uninstall it and delete any Spy Verity related file from the device. This license agreement constitutes a legal binding agreement between you (hereinafter "Customer") and Spy Verity relating to the purchase and use of the Spy Verity application. By purchasing, downloading, installing or using the Spy Verity application, you agree to be legally bound. If you do not accept what we indicate, you absolutely must not purchase, download, install or use our Spy Verity application.
By agreeing to this license agreement, you agree to install the Spy Verity application exclusively on a device you own and agree to inform any user of the monitored device of the presence of the Spy Verity application. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a violation by you of applicable laws. You agree to be solely responsible for the use of the Spy Verity application. You are also responsible for any legal fees incurred by the application provider for any legal action resulting from your improper or illegal use of our application.
By purchasing Spy Verity you accept that the application must be installed and used exclusively in compliance with the legislation in force in the country of use and with current laws governing the monitoring of the activity and usage devices, accounts and applications. In addition, the customer accepts
to install the Spy Verity Application only on a device owned by him or her, or on a device for which it has received explicit authorization and consent to install the monitoring application from the owner and/or user.
It is absolutely forbidden not to inform third parties that the device is being monitored by the user.
The customer declares that he will not allow any other person to access the information collected by the application on the phone where it is installed.
The customer understands that the Spy Verity website and/or application must be used only for parental control, personal backup, anti-theft purposes and for all cases provided for by laws in force in the country of use. The customer acknowledges that physical access to the device to be monitored is required in order to proceed with the installation of the Spy Verity application. Furthermore, the customer declares to be fully aware that the Spy Verity application cannot be installed remotely without physical access to the device, which must necessarily be an Android device as indicated in the Application Requirements.
The customer declares to have read and understood before purchasing the Spy Verity application: the privacy policy, the cookie policy, the refund policy, the application requirements policy and the terms of use.
By purchasing Spy Verity, the customer declares to have understood that the device to be monitored must comply with the requirements of the Compatibility Policy. He also declares that he has understood that basic features are guaranteed without having to root the device. In any case, depending on the device, it may be necessary to root it for certain features. Spy Verity is not responsible for any unavailable features or for any damage caused by the action of rooting the device. The rooting is a legal procedure which however may void the device warranty. By rooting your device, you take full responsibility of your action. Spy Verity grants the customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-revocable license to install the Spy Verity application on a device you own.
Spy Verity is intended for legal use only and in accordance with applicable laws. Our staff can in no case provide legal advice on the use of the Spy Verity application. It is the customer's obligation to inquire about the laws in force in the country of use of the Spy Verity application before purchasing.
Generally, the law requires users to be informed that the device is being monitored through the Spy Verity application, and to obtain consent for monitoring from users. In any case, the customer is obliged to consult a lawyer to verify the legality of use of the Spy Verity Application, licensed by us before purchasing or installing the Application.
The customer assumes full responsibility for the use of the licensed Spy Verity Application. The Spy Verity provider cannot be held responsible in any way if you decide to monitor a device that you do not have the legal right to monitor.
The customer agrees and declares not to use the Spy Verity Application that we have licensed
in no way contrary to applicable laws, such as for example to harass, insult, persecute, threaten, defamate or otherwise violate the rights of any other person. The customer acknowledges that the provider of the Spy Verity Application is not in any way responsible for any improper or illegal use of the application. In the event that the customer installs the Spy Verity Application on a device without the owner's permission, the Spy Verity Application Provider has the right to give uninstall instructions to this person and block the account of the person responsible for violating the law. All data on our servers are encrypted to protect the privacy of their accounts of belonging, therefore it is not possible to reveal such data to third parties or decrypt them.

The customer is aware that the provider of the Spy Verity Application is the owner of all rights to both the original and all copies of the licensed Application, and that the related information, improvements and updates are and continue to be the exclusive property of the Provider of the Spy Verity Application. As a licensee, the customer, by downloading, installing and using the Spy Verity Application, does not acquire ownership rights for the licensed Application. The Spy Verity licensed application is protected by copyright laws and international treaties on copyright and intellectual property protection.
The rights guaranteed by this license are limited to the right to download, install and use the licensed Application, and do not in any way include intellectual property rights. By purchasing and using Spy Verity, you agree not to:
1. Sell, rent, license or sub-license, redistribute or grant the licensed Spy Verity Application.
2. Decompile or reverse engineer the licensed Application either in whole nor partly.
3. Develop any derivative application or attempt to reconstruct the application's source code, for modifying or create derivative works of the licensed Application.
4. Copy the Spy Verity Application.
Violation of these restrictions is legally punishable and liable for claims for damages. The Application Provider may provide updates or changes to the Licensed Application during the term of the license. The terms of this EULA apply to every change.

You agree that the Application Provider may collect and use technical data and related information regarding your device and operating system.
This information is collected to facilitate the provision of updates and for technical support. You agree that the Spy Verity Application Provider may use this information, provided that this is done in a form which does not identify you personally, to improve the product or to supply you with services. The Spy Verity Application Provider will use your personal identification data only in normal commercial relationships directly with you, without disclosing such data to third parties, except if the request comes from the Authority or Law Enforcement, as well as in cases established in the 'Privacy Policy'. You declare that you will not misuse any third party confidential information or business secrets that may be in your possession. Termination of this license occurs simultaneously with your subscription's expiration, which is the period during which you are authorized to use the licensed Spy Verity Application. Your license rights will automatically terminate if you fail to comply with the terms of this EULA, or if your subscription period expires.
Upon termination of the license you must uninstall the Spy Verity Application from the monitored device.
This non-transferable limited warranty covers the Spy Verity Application for the period of your subscription from the purchase of the license. The Limited Warranty does not cover issues due to your conduct (or negligence) or to the conduct of third parties or to events beyond the reasonable control of the Spy Verity Application Provider. If you have technical problems with the Spy Verity Application, you can contact the Spy Verity technical support service.
The terms of this EULA are subject to change and in the event of changes, the updated version of the EULA will be indicated on this page.
The Spy Verity Application Provider reserves the right to make changes to the License granted at any time without notice. The changes will take effect from the moment of their publication on this page of the website. The Spy Verity Application Provider may also change, discontinue, or impose limits on some licensed Application functionality without this entailing any liability. Continuing to use the licensed Application implies your consent to such changes.

Spy Verity International Use:
Although the Spy Verity Application may be accessible worldwide, we cannot know whether the application or related materials are appropriate or usable in your country. Those who choose to use the Spy Verity Application in places where this is prohibited do so on their own initiative, and take full responsibility for observing laws in force in their country of use.


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