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Spy Verity is the best Spy Application for Android phones, and besides the many features described on the dedicated page, it has many other minor yet rather interesting functionalities. Here are some of the spy features that we believe may be of interest to you:

Ringing the phone remotely

Thanks to this feature you can make the phone ring remotely. If you need to find out where the phone is thanks to this spy function, you can make it ring and accurately locate it.

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View text messages on the display

With this feature it is possible to write a text and display it directly on the screen of the monitored phone. Thanks to this feature it is possible to activate a popup, for displaying any chosen text on the targeted mobile phone's screen.

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Wipe format data phone and wipe both phone and SDCard

This Spy feature allows you to reset your phone remotely. It is possible to choose whether to reset the telephone only or to reset both telephone and SDcard in it. This feature is one of the very few requiring rooting permissions.

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Unlocking the screen remotely

This is a spy feature thanks to which it is possible to remotely unlock the screen of the targeted mobile phone. After selecting this function, it will be necessary to indicate how many seconds the screen must remain unlocked. In combination with remote application launch and screenshots, this feature could provide excellent spying results. It may not be functional on all Android versions.

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