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Routes taken for tracking the phone's GPS position

Spy Verity automatically detects and stores the GPS location of the mobile phone. In this way, the user will be able to view all routes taken in the previous days at any time, through his personal panel. The time interval for GPS automatic detection can be set by the user.


The gps location history function will allow you to:

View the gps locations history detected and stored by the Spy App

Display the latitude and longitude satellite coordinates of all detected locations

Find out about the degree of accuracy for stored satellite positions

View the animation of all movements made by the phone in chronological sequence


Why find out all the movements made by the phone?


Thanks to this function you can view at any time through your personal dashboard all movements made during the current day, or in the previous days, with the mobile phone.

For example, do you want to know the movements made by your child during the week? Spy Verity is the best Parental Control Spy App.

All geo-locations are carried out with a high level of accuracy.

phone gps tracker



How can I view a target cellphone's locations history?

To view the history of movements and gps locations of the target mobile phone, you just have to access your personal dashboard and enter the "GPS routes" section.

Through this section you can view the latest detected GPS position, select your days interest and view all movements related to those specific days, along with a beautiful animation which will show you the sequence of all movements made. Also in this case, it is obviously necessary that GPS on the target device is active in order to perform the location. In the case of a rooted phone, it will also be possible to activate the GPS remotely if it is mistakenly deactivated by the phone user.

Safeguard and protect your loved ones, install Spy Verity and immediately start keeping track of your phone's movements!

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