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Spying on the call log to find out about made and received calls

As the best parental control spy software app available, Spy Verity will allow you to monitor the mobile phone's call log for finding out about all made and received calls. Once installed, the spy application will store all information related to calls made, received or missed, and will display it in the personal dashboard.


The call log spying function will allow you to know:

Type of call (made, received, missed)

Telephone number or contact name of the call's sender or recipient

Date and time of the made or received call

Duration of the made or received call


Why spy on the call log?


Thanks to call log monitoring you can find out about all calls made, received or missed. Spy Verity will let you find out about all detailed information concerning calls in real time, even if they are immediately canceled.

With call log monitoring, you can protect your children from suspicious calls, etc...

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How do I spy on the mobile call log?

In order to monitor the call log and find out about all calls made and received by the monitored phone, you can install Spy Verity in a few minutes. After installing Spy Verity, simply access the personal dashboard and open the "Calls" section. By accessing this area of the panel, you will be able to see all information relating to calls sent and received with the phone with Spy Verity installed.

Safeguard and protect your loved ones, install Spy Verity and start monitoring the call log immediately!


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