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Enabling the live microphone feed - Audio streaming

Do you want to listen to everything happening around the phone? The answer to your need is Spy Verity. Thanks to our spy app you can turn your phone into a real mobile phone bug. Our software allows you to activate the mobile phone microphone remotely so you can listen to it. Thanks to this feature, Spy Verity can effectively transform your phone in an environmental microspy, and of great quality. Thanks to the cellphone's microphone, it is possible to listen to environmental sound also at a great distance.


The live remote phone mic activation feature will allow you to:

Activate a remote live streaming audio session

Possibility to choose among modes: HD Audio and Audio

Excellent quality audio streaming

Why is it useful to remotely activate the live microphone?


This function can be very useful, as it will allow you to listen to all the sounds and voices coming from the environment surrounding the mobile phone. The mobile phone bug function is highly appreciated by parents who can thus protect their children.

If you want to turn your phone into a mobile bug, choose Spy Verity.

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How to perform audio streaming with Spy Verity?

To activate the audio streaming function offered by Spy Verity and thus transform the monitored mobile phone into a real environmental bug, first of all you must access your personal dashboard. After that, simply activate the dedicated "Live features" section and choose the audio listening mode you prefer. It is possible to choose between HD audio streaming and normal audio streaming. Another peculiarity of our Spy App is that if by chance the audio listening were to undergo moments of low quality due to connection issues, you just need to immediately save the previously made audio recording of the listening. The recording must be saved before logging out from the personal dashboard. The audio recording of your live listening will be of excellent quality. We need to remind you that audio streaming quality depends on the internet connection speed with which you connect to the user panel, and on the quality of the active data connection for the monitored mobile phone. A 4G connection for the monitored phone offers a high level of quality for the streaming.


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