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Spy Verity is an exceptional spy app, capable of turning your phone into a real environmental bug. Thanks to this function, you can listen to everything going on near the mobile phone. We would like to emphasize that Spy Verity is the only Spy App implementing a system capable of making environmental recordings, even if the device is in stand by. If you want to make environmental recordings with your mobile phone and you need a mobile phone bug, just trust Spy Verity. All environmental recordings are made thanks to the mobile phone microphone, and their quality is truly exceptional. Any new generation phone, or any model released over these recent years certainly uses a microphone of excellent quality, which makes for environmental recordings of truly high quality level. Spy Verity allows you to program even multiple environmental recordings, so you can schedule all of them well in advance. Spy Verity is the best cellphone bug, and thanks to algorithms studied by our technical staff, all recordings are compressed in order to reduce cellular data traffic consumption, while retaining excellent quality.



The environmental recording function will allow you to:

Turn your cellphone into a bug and make environmental recordings

Schedule environmental recordings

Set the length of the environmental recording from the mobile phone bug function

Why is the cellphone bug feature useful?


The environmental recording function is one of the most important and most interesting features of Spy Verity. Thanks to this function you can make excellent audio recordings, and listen to them whenever you want from your personal dashboard.

Do you want to hide what happens around your child's phone?

If you want to turn your phone into a mobile bug, choose Spy Verity.

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How to make an environmental recording with Spy Verity?

In order to carry out an environmental recording with Spy Verity, you need to follow a procedure which does not require any skills, thanks to our rather intuitive Personal Dashboard. You will simply have to access the Panel and activate the "Scheduling" section. Here you can schedule whether to take a photo, a screenshot or an environmental recording. In this case you will have to activate the "Audio" section, select the date and time to start recording and the required duration of the environmental audio. In doing so, the Panel will send the scheduling command to Spy Verity. On the set day and time, Spy Verity will transform the phone into a mobile phone bug and carry out the environmental recording. As soon as you register, it will immediately send it to your Personal Dashboard, where you will be able to listen to or download it. For listening to the audio recording, we recommend using Vlc Player, a media player which is a free program capable of providing an excellent audio listening experience. It is also possible to schedule multiple environmental recordings. If you are looking for mobile bugs, choose Spy Verity.


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