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Cellular location through GPS geo-localization

Thanks to our powerful Spy App, it is possible for you to know about the current position of a targeted mobile phone, thanks to gps location. Spy Verity is the best gps tracker for cellphones. The application automatically monitors the satellite location at predetermined time-intervals, and it will also be possible for the customer to request the phone's current GPS location, at any time.


The gps location function will allow you to:

View the target phone's gps location with Google Maps

Displays the phone's latitude and longitude satellite coordinates

Access information on satellite detection accuracy

Set the time interval for automatic location detections


What is the usefulness of knowing a mobile phone's position?


Using this function you can know the GPS satellite position of the targeted mobile phone, at any time. Furthermore, you will also be able to access the history of routes taken over the previous days or hours.

This function can be very useful for safeguarding the safety of your loved ones. GPS tracking is one of the most popular features for parents, which use it to monitor and protect their children.

Spy Verity performs GPS tracking with the greatest possible accuracy.

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How to know the position of the mobile phone?

In order to know the position of your targeted mobile phone, all you have to do is simply access the personal dashboard and open the "GPS location" section, in this way you will be able to know the latest GPS position detected by Spy Verity. In addition, you can also know previous GPS locations stored by Spy Verity. This functionality depends on GPS being activated within the monitored phone and on satellite location quality. In the event of deactivated GPS, if the phone is rooted, it will be possible to activate it remotely.

Knowing the GPS position of the targeted mobile phone can be very important, and precisely for this reason our technicians worked hard to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy.

Safeguard and protect your loved ones, install Spy Verity and immediately start monitoring and locating your mobile phone!


Do you want more information on the gps tracker?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system which, through the help of satellites, is able to locate the position of a mobile phone with extreme precision. Almost all smartphones are equipped with GPS chips, thanks to which it is possible to use applications such as Google Maps or classic apps for satellite navigation. Thanks to this, our Spy App is able to locate the targeted mobile phone's position, with great accuracy. Spy Verity is most definitely the best Gps tracker app for Android.

Spy Verity detects the phone's position at user-configurable time intervals. Furthermore, at any time, the user can request Spy Verity to geo-locate the phone in real time.

Thanks to this function, the monitored cellphone turns into a real gps locator, thanks to which it will be possible to know the exact position of the device, at any time.

What are you waiting for? Start monitoring all your loved one's movements and locate your target mobile phone now!

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