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Spy Sms commands

Spy Verity provides its customers with the possibility to send some commands via text messages, in case the phone user does not have an internet data connection. Through the spy text commands it is possible to remotely control the monitored telephone. Additionally, Spy Verity offers the possibility of sending commands via text messages disguised as common text messages. The spy control texts can be conveniently configured via the personal user dashboard of the spy program.


The spy text commands feature will allow you to:

Activate some of Spy Verity's features through normal text messages


Why could the spy text commands feature be useful?


The spy text commands feature is useful if the monitored phone does not have an internet connection.

For example, if you want to make an environmental recording but the monitored phone doesn't receive the command due to it not being connected to the internet, you can send the command for performing the environmental recording by texting.

This is a very useful feature, as it makes it possible to remotely control some features of the spy program, even without an internet connection.

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How to control a device via Spy Verity text messages?

In order to send a command text message you'll just have to access the "Text commands" section, through which it will be possible for you to see all commands to be sent to the monitored phone, with their related functions. An exclusive Spy Verity feature consists in giving you the chance to configure an "Alias", as the sent text will be visible on the monitored phone. For example, it is possible to set the phone for performing a specific action as soon as it receives a text containing a predetermined set of words. This is how a command text could be easily masked by a message of your choice. For example, you can set the environmental recording feature to be activated with a text message saying "Hey, how's it going?", then you'll have to send said text message with another phone. As soon as the target phone receives this text, it will begin the environmental recording you specifically requested. If you need to perform some professional monitoring, you just need to choose the best possible Parental Control Spy App for Android phones, choose Spy Verity.


spy sms command

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