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Refund policy

The purchase of Spy Verity software is governed by this refund policy. We invite all our customers to carefully read the following before making the purchase, as the following policy establishes the rights of our customers and any limitations and exclusions.

This refund policy has been drafted to give the customer serenity and tranquility during the purchase of Spy Verity.

We firmly believe that every possible problem can be solved thanks to the assistance of our technicians. To get in touch with our team, all you have to do is just send an email to: The support request will be immediately taken care of by one of our technicians.

the customer may be entitled to a refund, according to the following conditions relating to the refund policy for the Spy Verity application:

According to the laws of the European Union, the customer can receive a refund no later than 14 days from the purchase, provided that the reasons for the refund request do not conflict with the conditions indicated in our Refund Policy.

If a customer has installed and activated Spy Verity we ask him to demonstrate that the product does not meet his expectations, compared to what is indicated in the product description at the time of purchase.

1) No refund will be granted if the request is made by the customer beyond 14 days from the date of purchase of Spy Verity.

2) The refund is only applicable once. If you subsequently purchase a Spy Verity license again, you will not be able to receive a refund.

3) No refund will be granted in the event that the user has lost his password or is no longer able to access his mailbox to recover the password. We are not responsible for any data loss, temporary application failure or inability to access the personal panel due to customer negligence.

4) No refund will be granted if the customer wants to install Spy Verity on an incompatible device, Spy Verity is in fact compatible only with Android devices. It is not possible to install Spy Verity on different operating systems such as (Ios, Blackbarry, Simbian, WIndows Phone, etc ...). It is the customer's obligation to check the compatibility of the application before purchasing.

5) No refund will be granted if the monitored device does not have an active internet connection as it is essential for sending data, or if the device is reset to factory settings or the Android operating system is updated. Furthermore, no refund will be made if one or more Spy Verity features stop working following an update made by the user.

6) In the event that the user refuses to reinstall Spy Verity following an operating system update, no refund will be granted. Furthermore, in the event that a monitoring function is not functional or is no longer functional following an update, it may be necessary to install a new version of Spy Verity. We do not grant any refund in case the user refuses to update Spy Verity or to perform the installation again. Furthermore, in the event that one or more monitoring features are not working for technical reasons due to the firmware, version of the applications or the specifications of the phone, no refund will be granted.

7) No refund can be granted to the user for all requests the motivations of which do not depend on Spy Verity but on personal reasons, for example: I have changed my mind, etc...

8) No refund can be made in the event that the monitored device is not owned by the user, or the user has not received consent from the owner of the phone to install the Spy Verity application.

9) No refund is granted due to the lack of internet connection due, for example, to the absence of telephone credit, temporary interruption of the service, coverage problems from the telephone network, roaming problems, change of telephone operator with consequent lack of data connection, etc...)

10) No refund is granted if the user does not follow our guide for installing Spy Verity

11) No refund is granted if the user refuses to receive technical assistance from our team

12) No refund is granted if the user cannot install Spy Verity because he does not have physical access to the device (It is not possible to install Spy Verity remotely)

13) No refund is granted if the user cannot install Spy Verity because he does not remember the password or pattern to unlock the device to be monitored

14) No refund is granted if the user wants to recover data on the phone before installing Spy Verity

15) No refund is granted if the user wants to monitor multiple devices simultaneously with a single Spy Verity license (A Spy Verity license allows you to monitor a device)

16) We do not issue any refund if the user is unable to root to activate the advanced features of Spy Verity (e.g. remote activation of the satellite, etc...)

17) We do not issue any refund if the applications present in the monitored phone deactivate Spy Verity or create conflicts of functionality (for example if the user installs two monitoring applications on the same device, installs an antivirus, etc...)

18) Spy Verity offers a premium support service (detailed assistance for example to root the device, etc ...), the cost of which is 50 euros, optional and not refundable. Users who do not want this service are entitled to standard Spy Verity support, which provides technical and commercial assistance to install spy verity, any configurations, tips for root, troubleshooting, etc...)

19) A license renewal requested by the user is not refundable


The refund request must be sent to the Spy Verity Refunds department via an email at:

The decision to grant or not the refund takes place within 7 working days. If the reimbursement is accepted, 35 % of the total amount will be deducted to cover bank transactions costs and expenses for payment processing companies and for the expenses incurred in generating the license which once issued cannot be deactivated.


Unpaid credits:

In the event of non-payment by the credit card company, the user consents to the suspension of the Spy Verity account. Reactivation of the account is possible only and exclusively at our discretion and only after receiving the payment of the outstanding amount. The cost for reactivating the account is 25 euros.

Expenses due to unpaid or other payment problems caused by the user or the user's bank, and for disputes which require accounting or legal activities, will be borne exclusively by the user.


Refund policy updated: January 14th, 2020

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