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Activate or deactivate data connection on the target phone

Do you want to activate or deactivate internet connection on the monitored phone? Spy Verity is the only monitoring app available allowing you to remotely control a device. Thanks to our features, you'll be able to remotely control internet data connection activation or deactivation for the target device. Remote internet connection activation is one of Spy Verity's exclusive features. If you need to monitor any phone, choose the best Spy App available.


The remote internet connection activation feature will allow you to:

Activate the target device's internet connection

Disable the internet connection


What is the usefulness of remotely activating internet connection?


Thanks to this feature, you can remotely control the target device's connectivity. For example, you can activate its internet connection or deactivate it.

If the phone is connected to a Wifi network and you want to activate the data connection, simply send the command and the data connection will be activated automatically.

We have to remind you that Spy Verity is the only Android spy application allowing you to remotely control any device.

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How to remotely activate or deactivate data connection?

In order to remotely activate or deactivate data connection, simply access your personal dashboard and activate the "Phone search" section, then simply press the button to send the desired command. This feature in most devices requires the Root of the device. If this features is compatible with the monitored phone, the command will automatically be displayed in dashboard. You will have two commands, one for activating the data connection and one for deactivating it. Once the chosen button is pressed, Spy Verity will automatically send the command to the monitored phone, which will carry it out depending on the status of the connection.


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