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Terms of Use Spy Verity

We invite all our customers to read the following using terms and conditions carefully, before purchasing Spy Verity.
We are adamant on precising that the following terms of use are very important.
The following Terms of Use were updated on: January 24th, 2019.
By using the website, and/or by downloading and using the Spy Verity application, the end user accepts the following conditions of use.
The following Terms of Use describe the terms and conditions for your access to the Site and use of the Spy Verity application. Your use of the Spy Verity website and/or application implies your acceptance of the following terms of use and any updates to them, and acts as a legal binding agreement.


Terms of use:
The Spy Verity website or application must be used only: for parental control purposes, for personal backup purposes, for the purpose of monitoring user-owned devices being in the possession of users who have given explicit consent, for the purpose of burglar alarm and for all legally permitted purposes within the country of use.
To purchase and use the application you need to create a personal account by providing your personal information, along with data needed for billing and related to the payment method. Spy Verity only receives information provided by you, such as identification data and email address.
You are aware that at the time of purchase, by providing your payment data, Spy Verity does not collect this information, as it is collected by the payment service provider (Paypal) who receives the payment data. The security of all payments is guaranteed by the payment service provider (PayPal).

You are aware that Spy verity is in no way responsible for loss any of information contained in third party databases and/or DNS servers.
You agree not to use Spy Verity in violation of the laws relating to your country of use. The Spy Verity application is granted only on a temporary, limited and revocable license. All rights and authority over the software remain the property of Spy Verity. Spy Verity is in no way responsible for your use of the application.
The customer resolves towards Spy Verity to carefully read the Spy Verity Requirements for proper functioning, and the Spy Verity Refund Policy, before making the purchase. The customer also expresses thorough acceptance of the fact that it is necessary to have physical access to the target device in order to install the Spy Verity software, as it is not possible in any way to remotely install Spy Verity.
The customer accepts that Spy Verity is in no way to be held responsible for the installation of the Spy Verity app in the device to be monitored.
The user declares that he will verify all local, state and federal laws of his or her country of use, before making purchasing Spy Verity.
By purchasing Spy Verity, the user declares not to use the application to harass, mistreat, threaten, defame, violate or infringe the rights of any other person, and that Spy Verity is in no way responsible for any incorrect use by the user.
He also declares that he will diligently follow all instructions and guides provided by Spy Verity on the website or received by email.
He will also not allow third parties to access your personal account or use the Spy Verity application.
If access to your personal account has been allowed by you to a third party, either willingly, by mistake or in any other way without your consent, you are aware that Spy Verity declines all responsibility in this regard.
You also declare that you will install the Spy Verity application exclusively on devices of which you are the legitimate owner, or for which you have received explicit consent from the owner.
We reserve the right to modify, terminate or refuse the Spy Verity service to anyone, for any reason, at any time, even without notice. Spy Verity also reserves the right to modify the conditions of use of the application at any time. To subscribe to the Spy Verity Service you must place the order and purchase. You accept that all offered features may vary depending on the target device model, and that some features may not be available or functional on the device you have chosen for monitoring. Following the app's purchase, all needed information for downloading and installing the monitoring software will be sent to the email address indicated by you during the purchase.
Login credentials will be configured by you at the time of installation (username and password)
At the time of purchase, you can choose a subscription plan lasting either 6 or 12 months. You can never use another user's account without being authorized by the latter. In addition, when creating your personal account you must provide thorough, accurate and truthful information.
You are the only one responsible for all activities carried out with your account, and for this reason, you are obliged to keep the password for accessing your personal account safe, at all times.
Sharing or transferring a personal account is not allowed. You have an obligation not to reveal your personal password to anyone else.
You must immediately notify Spy Verity of any possible security breach or unauthorized use of your account, and if you believe that your account password may have been compromised. Spy Verity will not be responsible for any losses caused by unauthorized use of your account. You are solely responsible for all activities taking place on your account.
You also agree not to create or access an account using a fake identity or fake data, or on behalf of third parties.
You agree not to create an account, nor to use Spy Verity, if your account has been previously removed from Spy Verity, or if you have been previously banned from the Service.
You have the right of having any personal account you own canceled, at any time. You can cancel any account registered in your name by following the instructions on the Website.
If you voluntarily close an account or let it expire, you can reactivate that account in no later than 7 days. Spy Verity does not guarantee the reactivation of expired or deactivated accounts. Accounts closed by Spy Verity for any kind of abuse - by way of example and without limitation, the violation of these Terms of Use - cannot be reactivated for any reason. Following the termination or suspension of the Service offered by us, monitoring of all the devices on which the application is installed shall cease, and any information forwarded to the Website or related to your account will no longer be accessible to you. If you have forgotten your account password, you can restore access via the email set in the application setup.

Spy Verity:
The Spy Verity application can only be used in connection with the End User Service License Agreement, in compliance with the rules and limitations set forth by Spy Verity. You understand that Spy Verity, at its sole and total discretion, may at any time and for any reason suspend or revoke any granted license and disable the application and any already displayed or installed data; all this, without previous notice to you. Spy Verity reserves the right to add or remove features to or from the application, at any time, at its sole discretion.
You can use the basic features package on a device without having to root it. Rooting permissions for the device are needed only for a few advanced features. Device rooting is a legal procedure under applicable laws. Remember that you may lose your warranty by rooting the device to be monitored.
In case you have any technical request, please contact our customer service department at the email address:


User acceptance:
By using our Website and/or Application, you declare that you have read and consented to these Terms of Use, as well as to the End User Service License Agreement, the Privacy Policy, the Refund Policy, the Cookie Policy and the Application Requirements Regulation.
Spy Verity may review these Terms of Use, as well as the End User Service License Agreement, the Privacy Policy, the Refund Policy, the Cookie Policy and the Application Requirements Regulation, at any moment and without notice, with newer versions being made available on the Website.
If at any time you were to not consent to any part of the Terms of Use, as well as the End User Service License Agreement, the Privacy Policy, the Refund Policy, the Cookie Policy and the App Requirements Regulation Application, you must immediately stop using the Website and/or the Service.


Spy Verity cares about the integrity and security of your personal data.
You agree to provide your personal data to Spy Verity and the payment service provider when you place the Spy Verity order.
Spy Verity receives the user's personal data from the payment service provider, with them being limited to identification data and email address (login); the password is known only to the user.
The Spy Verity application stores your personal data in encrypted form within the database; this means that it does not have access to such encrypted data. However, Spy Verity is not responsible for any memory leaks in third party databases. You accept and declare that you understand that all data collected by the Spy Verity application are stored and protected by the provider of this service. Spy Verity declines any liabilities related to the storage of collected data.
The Spy Verity application does not keep within the database data and information downloaded from a device monitored through the Application, in case of an active account which is older than 3 (three) months. Spy Verity does not store within its database any data and information downloaded from the monitored device through the use of the Spy Verity Application in case of account which is expired and older than 1 (one) month.
The Spy Verity application does not store within the database any data and information downloaded from the monitored device through the Application, in the case of an active account for a period longer than 3 (three) months.
At the end of this period, all information and data are deleted. In the case of expired personal accounts, data and information are deleted within the period of 3 (three) months.
To ensure the security of your personal data, we recommend that you download it regularly and delete it from your account. The servers we rely on automatically delete all data older than 90 days. We don't have any backups for your private data, so automatic deletion makes that information permanently inaccessible.
In case of diffusion of encrypted data as described, Spy Verity cannot be held responsible.
Spy Verity does not exercise any control and does not know any reasons why the user employs the Software application, nor can he be held responsible for such uses. Using the Software is at risk and under the sole responsibility of the user.
You may not rent, sell, lend, sublicense or transfer the licensed application or the granted license without prior written consent from Spy Verity.
You acknowledge and declare that Spy Verity does not in any way encourage illegal use of the Service.

When ordering our Application, you declare that you are over 18 years of age. When you install the Software on a device, you acknowledge and declare that you are the parent of an underage child. When you install the Software on a device, you acknowledge and declare that you are the owner of this device, or that you have submitted all necessary information and have received the consent of the device owner. It should be noted that the Spy Verity application must not be used for illegal, immoral or not permitted purposes by the laws of the country of use.

Android compatibility:
You are aware that before placing an order for a Spy Verity subscription, you must carefully read the information on the compatibility of our Application with Android devices. You are aware that before installing the Software, you must check all compatibility requirements. In the event that the device does not comply with the requirements set out in the Compatibility Requirements disclosure, you cannot install and use the Spy Verity application. If you have failed to comply with the Compatibility Regulations before subscribing to the subscription, you agree to be fully responsible for it and waive any refund.

Software updates:
In order to improve the Service, Spy Verity may update the application. You are aware that Spy Verity can update the Application even without notice.

Refunds and Returns:
Before purchasing Spy Verity, any customer has the obligation to read our Refund Policy very carefully.
Your possibility of obtaining a refund depends on the time elapsed from the moment of the transaction, on the reason for the refund request, on the type of problem detected, etc. By placing a Spy Verity purchase, you declare that you have read carefully and thoroughly accept our Refund Policy.

Our website may feature external links managed by third parties. Spy Verity provides these links as a useful resource which obviously is not under our control. For this reason, Spy Verity is not responsible for content available on these websites and for any damage caused by browsing them.

Intellectual property:
The Spy Verity logo is a registered trademark. Unauthorized use of any trademark or logo is a violation of applicable trademark laws and generally applicable international intellectual property laws. Site, Service and Application are protected by applicable and international copyright laws. Intellectual property on the design and layout of this Website and of all materials and data posted on its pages, exclusively belongs to Spy Verity. You may not copy this Website even partly, and you cannot do anything else in relation to any part of the Website. The reproduction, broadcasting, reposting or other unauthorized use of the content on the website is strictly prohibited.


Warranty exclusion up to the maximum guaranteed by law:
The website and the service offered are provided to the customer without guarantees of any kind (neither explicit nor implicit). Spy Verity offers no guarantee of merchantability or fitness for particular purposes. Before purchasing, the user is responsible for checking any information before relying on it. Use of the Spy Verity site or application is at your sole risk. Spy Verity does not guarantee in any way that you will be able to access or use our website/service at the time and location you have chosen. Much less Spy Verity guarantees that the site and/or service will provide uninterrupted availability or will be free from any error or harmful components. It is possible that any defects may not be fixed. Since some states or jurisdictions do not allow disclaiming of implied warranties, the following disclaimer may not apply to you.

Up to the maximum extent permitted by law, Spy Verity, its affiliates, license dealers and commercial partners, disclaim any liability, contractual, based on an illegal act (including negligence on the part of the user), objective liability or other, and most importantly, disclaim any responsibility for all losses, including without limitation those direct and indirect, accidental, consequential or special damage, arising or in any way connected with access or use of the website, application and/or service, even if Spy Verity and its partners have been made aware of the possible occurrence of such damage. Without this constituting a limitation to the above, under no circumstances can Spy Verity and its partners be held responsible for an amount greater than €50 (euro).
Since some States or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for direct or indirect damages, in those States or jurisdictions the liability of Spy Verity and its Affiliates is limited to the maximum degree of exclusion permitted by law.
You agree to indemnify, shield and hold Spy Verity harmless from any claim, action, request for damage or other loss, including reasonable attorney fees resulting from or arising from your usage of the Website, Application and/or Service or from any violation thereof of these Terms of Use, of any other regulation issued by Spy Verity for the Website, the Application and/or for the Service, or for any violation of the laws in force in the country of use.
Resellers and Affiliates:
You acknowledge that Spy Verity is not responsible for the actions of its Resellers and/or Affiliates. You are aware that the official Spy Verity websites are as follows: Spy Verity is not responsible for any damage caused by its Resellers or Affiliates. If you are a reseller and/or affiliate you take full responsibility for the sale and use of Spy Verity by the end user.

Safeguard clause:
If any part or clause of these Terms of Use is declared invalid or unenforceable, then that part or clause should be deleted, while the remaining Terms of Use will remain in force and effective for all purposes.
Legal fees:
In the case of a legal action taken by one of the two parties in relation to these Terms of Use, the victorious party has the right to obtain reimbursement from the other party of all costs, legal fees and other expenses necessary to face the legal action.
Absence of waiver:
If Spy Verity does not act or delays in acting to enforce these Terms of Use, this does not imply a waiver of the Terms of Use. Spy Verity's express waiver of any provision, condition or request of these Terms of Use does not constitute a waiver of any future obligation to comply with these provisions, conditions and requirements.
All communications that you make or are required under these Terms of Use must be in writing and shall be issued at the following correspondence addresses: Legal requests should be sent to
Entire Agreement:
These Terms of Use, including their expressly mentioned attachments, constitute the entire agreement between you and us concerning the Website and/or the Service. They prevail over all previous or contemporary communications, whether electronic, oral, written, between you and us concerning the Website, the Software and/or the Service.
Service Termination:
The Service may be terminated upon subscription expiration. Spy Verity reserves the right to deny the Service to any user, in its total and exclusive discretion. You understand that Spy Verity can terminate your subscription and/or your access to the Service at any time, without the duty of having to provide a reason. Spy Verity may stop offering and/or supporting the Service at any time. Spy Verity reserves the right to deny the Service or, if applicable, to cease the Service, to any user attempting to monitor an individual's device without having received prior consent from its owner, as well as that of any involved user. In such cases, Spy Verity reserves the right to block all accounts associated with the user in potential violation.


Data policy:
The Spy Verity application grants the user complete freedom to upload user data which can be stored, archived, shared and/or published by the end user. However, it is assumed that the end user will act in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the regulations of the country of use. The end user assumes full responsibility for its data and for the implicit risks of storing and broadcasting them. Spy Verity declines all liabilities in this view. Spy Verity cannot be held responsible in any way for data shared by the end user or in the event that the data was obtained in inappropriate or unlawful ways. The Spy Verity service also does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of geo-location data as they depend on the position and quality of GPS connectivity.


Legal effects:

These Terms of Use describe certain legal rights. You may claim additional rights under the laws of your country or state. These Terms of Use do not change the rights arising from your national or state laws.
If the laws of your country or state do not allow for usage of the software application or of some of its features, you hereby declare that you are aware of and accept that this falls under your responsibility. For more information, please contact the Spy Verity Customer Support.


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